The Nicaraguan Chamber of Beef Exporting Plants (CANICARNE), integrated by the beef processing plants Industrial Commercial San Martin, Novaterra, Nuevo Carnic and Macesa is committed to promote the sustainability of cattle production in Nicaragua. Our goal is to make the Nicaraguan beef production, environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable production system. To accomplish this goal, we must be united as an industry and align on key areas of importance that build consensus, transparency and consumer confidence in our products.

We took a big step toward this goal in May 2020 by signing an agreement to promote the protection of the environment and the respect for our protected areas and indigenous communities. The signatories are committed to promote and continue supporting: 

    1. Zero agricultural and livestock activity in protected areas
    2. Silvopastoral systems and forest plantations in buffer zones
    3. Promote along with all the members of the chain and the indigenous communities the zero agricultural activity in protected areas
    4. Mechanisms that guarantee the non-acquisition of raw material from protected areas